Send noods – TranTranZai

Send noods – TranTranZai

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love noodles. The obsession is real. Every now and then, I skip a meal with the family and make myself some Korean ramen. However good the Samyang ramens are, I still crave some quality noodles, non-homemade but nonetheless authentic.

A week ago, I told Patrick about my cravings and he suggested that we pay TranTranZai a visit, a newly opened Chinese restaurant that specialised in noodles. I liked the sound of that very much.

TranTranZai was a short walk up the hill from the Maubert-Mutualité metro station on Line 10, enough to build up an appetite for lunch. The place was relatively quiet, we had the whole place to ourselves save for a few customers on the far opposite corner. The lovely owner made a few recommendations and soon enough, four big bowls of noodles appeared in front of us, as well as a bowl of six raviolis (dumplings) in hot sauce with peanuts (another obsession of mine). I had the trusty Dan Dan Mien, a spicy and peanutty soup noodles with Level 2 spice. Everyone else ordered Level 3 and I felt a bit of a loser but once I had a taste of mine, I knew I picked the right amount of spice. Anything further up the scale would result in a numb tongue and even bigger orange lips.

Just when I thought I had the most wonderful bowl of noodles, we were introduced to the YiBan Mien, a dry (soupless) noodles that works every single muscle in your finger as you lift and flip them to mix it all up. (Five minutes later...) when the noodles were finally mixed, we all took a bite and decided it was the best out of all four we have had (other three being the Beef Soup Noodles, Ravioli Soup and my Dan Dan Mien). The condiments in the mix give the dish an extra kick and layer of flavour and texture, which you can't usually get with soup noodles. Plus the hot sauce was amazing, not too hot to the point where you cannot taste anything but enough to bring out the tastes of the dish. The elasticity of the noodles was on point.

We ordered a jar of Yuzi tea, which goes so well with the noodles, especially when you get to the end and bite into the sweetness of the Yuzi. I would have preferred it cold to counter the spiciness of the noodles.

We went back again this Monday and the place, which was once near empty, has now been filled up. TranTranZai's popularity has grown overnight and people are finally acknowledging how wonderful their noodles are and exactly how all noodles should taste!

Honestly, if you fancy a bowl of decent noodles in Paris, look no further than TranTranZai. They are so reasonably priced and generously served.

3 Rue de l'École Polytechnique 75005 Paris France

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