Day Two in Salzburg: The Perfect Sound Of Music Tour

Day Two in Salzburg: The Perfect Sound Of Music Tour

After spending an eventful day in the city's Old Town, on our second and final day in Salzburg, we explored the locations featured in the musical that share almost as much of the fame as Mozart does in the city, The Sound of Music. Many people have raved about the Sound of Music tours that were organised in the city, but since we had not booked anything in advance and was worried that we would not have enough time to visit the rest of the places we had marked on our Google Maps, we thought we'd do it ourselves. However, I was told that Bob's tour was great and they also do combined tours to Hallstatt, another must-visit city in Austria.

First stop of the day was the Mirabell Palace, a beautiful 17th-century building with a more beautiful garden behind it, which is where the joyous "Do Re Mi" scene in the movie takes place.

After spending just about an hour and a half there, we took the bus to another palace further away Schloss Hellbrunn, still only a half an hour bus journey by Bus 25. The iconic Pavillon in which the charming scene of the song "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" took place, sits calmly in the garden of the Palace. Unlike the Mirabell, there seem to be much more to see in Hellbrunn. Tickets to the Palace include an audioguide for the interior, a guided tour through the trick fountain in the grounds of the Palace and entry to the Folk Museum. During the tour, I thought I'd be brave and volunteered when asked, little did I know, I came back soaked in water. Luckily, the sun was blazing and my playsuit dried pretty quickly. The tour was very interesting, filled with lots of surprises. We gave the Folk Museum a miss because we got hungry and wanted to go to the highly recommended Augustiner Großgaststätten Restaurant and Brewery for lunch.

The walk to the nearest bus station from the Palace took 10 minutes and the buses don't come very frequently, so I'd recommend checking Google Map in advance to avoid wasting your precious time waiting around.

The Brewery was only a few minutes walk across the street from the bus stop. We made the mistake of settling for the first thing we saw as we walked into the grounds of the Brewery. Instead of the outdoor stalls,

I'd suggest going up the stairs which will take you to more stalls serving more mouthwatering food. The last stall on your right as you enter the corridor to food heaven serves the yummiest and the biggest portion of pig knuckle. We had it with cabbage and gravy.

Downstairs, you can help yourself to litres after litres of locally brewed beer. Self-service option available and it's cheaper than counter service. Just grab yourself a mug, pay for it then fill it up till your heart's content.

To avoid disappointment, do not make your way to Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, the mansion in which the von Trapp family lived in the movie, as it is now a privately owned hotel. To access the grounds of the hotel, you have to be either a hotel guest or a guest speaker at the venue. Unless you are willing to spend an extortionate amount for a night at the hotel, be prepared to cross this place out of your list on your self-guided tour.

Had we brought with us some fancy outfits, we'd have gone to a classical concert held in the Mirabell Palace at night.

The tickets were reasonably priced and you also get a 10% discount with the Salzburg card. However, since we had no suitable outfits, we settled on a relaxing walk along the river early evening as we experienced the beautiful Old Town in its night time glory.

Salzburg, thanks for two beautiful days. Now on to the next!

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