Pays Basques Photo Diary #1 – Bayonne

Pays Basques Photo Diary #1 – Bayonne

Last week, I got to visit Pays Basques because the kids' grandma lived there. It was a very chilled week as there were three adults and four kids, so everything was fairly manageable (mostly because the other nanny was very authoritative and capable, taking up most of the work and making my life so easy). I even got a day off from basically doing nothing, to explore the towns nearby. I missed being there even before I left.

This photo diary is taken in Bayonne, one of the three Basques countries in France. Spain and France have shared ownership of the collective Basque countries. I went into the Basque Museum here and visited the Cathedral. This is probably the town with the most things to do compared to its neighbours and the architectures are very typically basques - red and white crosses. Apparently, it is also very famous for its chocolate but since the chocolate museum is quite far from the city centre, I gave it a miss and spent the second half of the day in Biarritz instead.

(Photos of the beach were taken in Anglet - a town between Bayonne and Biarritz, where we stayed in)

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