Passager Cafe in the 11ème

Passager Cafe in the 11ème

After our visit to the Atelier des Lumière and before my lunch appointment, we had an hour to kill.

I've come across Passager Cafe on social media before and have heard about it, so when we found out it was only a short walk away from the Atelier, we immediately made our way there.

Passager Cafe was not the easiest to spot. Unlike many cafes with their name screaming loudly on a billboard or banner in front of the shop, Passager hid its name on the menu on the window next to the front door. However, it seemed to be the only cafe along the street so I guess that helped.

The cafe was spacious, a lovely spot to spend a slow and chill afternoon with a drink or two. They also serve food, from chia pudding to pain perdu (french toasts). The cakes and cookies sitting on top of the counter looked very tempting as well!

Having had lots of Chai Latte in the past, I decided to switch it up and try their Matcha Latte. My friend ordered their freshly squeezed orange juice and grill cheese sandwiches.

Sadly, after two sips of my Matcha Latte, I brought it back to the counter as I couldn't take the bitterness of it. The barrister explained that they used no sugar the in drink and even the almond milk was sugar-free. I supposed that's why it was so bitter. However, she was kind enough to offer me something else so I requested a Chai Latte instead, which tasted much nicer!

Despite the unfortunate incident with my first drink, I enjoyed my visit to Passager Cafe because of the outstanding hospitality and the relaxed atmosphere. The food menu actually looked pretty good too so might come back for a brunch or afternoon goûter!

Passager Cafe
107 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75011 Paris

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