06/04/2019, Samedi

Despite going to bed way past midnight, I woke up bright and early, but not necessarily willingly, at 7 am. Having completed my weekend admins (phone home, tidy room, workout etc.), I left the apartment and struggled to get to Musée de l'Orangerie. What usually is a straightforward route from my place to the museum has now been sabotaged by the gilets jaunes, resulting in several major metro stations being shut down on weekends, undoubtedly including the ones I needed to get to Jardin de Tuileries. These protests have been going on every weekend since early November, when will it ever end? I bet it outlasted many relationships here in Paris.

Decided the matter too futile to dwell on, I walked from the nearest metro station to the park. It turned out to be a nice and relaxing walk, as the police have closed off most of the roads around the Louvre, so the place is unusually quiet and orderly.

I liked Musée de l'Orangerie. I don't usually like museums. I go to them because everyone else does, but due to my lack of creativity and artistic instinct, I seldom enjoy spending over an hour anywhere, for I do not see the difference between the painting that hangs proudly on the wall of a world-famous museum and the one that my little cousin wholeheartedly produced. I suppose what impressed me the most at l'Orangerie is the physical greatness of the paintings, the unnecessarily huge canvases that cover the walls of not one, but two rooms. I wish I had the patience, dedication and self-confidence to perform such ordinary and repetitive actions to create something that would be regarded by others as extraordinary. I suppose I do with my Wednesday night quiche. But obviously, my audience is much smaller compare to Claude Monet's.

I also had the privilege of visiting COOK'N SAJ, a Middle Eastern restaurant for an upcoming article on Wander-lust. Let's just say it was so good that I was still eating my leftovers at dinner. I can't wait to share my review of the restaurant when the article comes out.

Early evening, I ventured all the way to Bastille to meet up with a friend hoping to catch the sunset but unfortunately, the clouds were heavy and we saw nothing and wandered to all the wrong places, lost. We end up walking on this bike lane next to the highway which thankfully led us back to Bastille.

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