Paris Photo Diary #3

Paris Photo Diary #3

30-31/03/2019, Le weekend

Despite spending most of my time in bed this weekend trying to get better from a short but intense fever that came to me unexpectedly and inconveniently on Saturday afternoon, I got to spend the time before and after out and mostly, in the sun.

I went to Palais Royale for the first time in ages on Saturday morning and as expected, the place was packed with giddy tourists and excited children running around while their parents sit calmly by the fountain enjoying the weather, sipping their coffee. Before I was escorted home by my kind friends, for I was too weak to walk, we met up at 5Pailles for our monthly book club.

Sunday morning, I woke up still with a headache but my fever has significantly gone down, if not away. On my way to Jardin du Luxembourg, I picked up a smoothie and spent most of my afternoon in the company of French families, grateful tourists and loved up couples.

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