Paris Photo Diary #2

Paris Photo Diary #2

24/03/19, Dimanche

Keeping my promise to myself, I got out of the house after breakfast and took the metro to Oberkampf to walk along the Canal St Martin. From there, I aimlessly wandered past Grand Boulevard and ran into a group of protesters from Extinction Rebellion, celebrating the launch of the socio-political movement in France. After stopping by and chatting to the organiser, I put my leaflet in my bag and continued to walk until I reached Pyramides, before jumping onto the metro, hurrying home to quiet my rumbling tummy.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed and finally came around to watching Cowspiracy, a documentary that had been highly recommended but also deliberately put off for too long. However, this is for another blog post, as I am still digesting all the shocking statistics and horrifying informations I've been exposed to, and trying, without much success, to resolve my inner dilemma. Regardless, I would highly recommend this documentary and have already added What the Health to my to-watch list.

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