Paris Photo Diary #1

Paris Photo Diary #1

23/03/19, Samedi

Today is officially the fourth day of Spring. The weather had been kind to us this past week. However, all things come to an end and we are already back to the usual gloominess as we woke up to a smoggy sky this morning. On the bright side, the temperature has gone up and it didn't rain.

Despite my original plan to go to Marseille this weekend, I ended up staying in Paris and invited a friend over. We shared a lovely bottle of white wine from Alsace and stuffed our faces with some of my homemade chocolate chunk cookies before taking my camera out on a walk around the neighbourhood, which I had never done spontaneously since I moved here in January.

I hadn't realised how close to the Effle Tower I live until today. We walked past one of the five Statues of Liberty and despite having lived here for half a year, we couldn't contain our inner tourists, striking poses in front of both monuments as if we only arrived yesterday.

On our way back, we came across a neverending antique market, stopping occasionally to look through stashes of second-hand books, admiring the vintage jewellery, while storeowners chilled quietly at on the chair in the corner. They rest so comfortably far away from the stall that you wouldn't realise they owned the stands.

It's tempting to stay in bed all day after a long week of work, especially with an additional five hours of babysitting on Friday night. However, from now on, I vow to get out of the house for at least an hour a day on weekends to explore the city, even if I don't want to steer far from my neighbourhood. Because if not now, when?


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