Panda Panda, Hong Kong to Paris: Restaurant Review

Panda Panda, Hong Kong to Paris: Restaurant Review

Despite all the fun and joy of living in Paris, I sometimes (often) miss the food back home. True that there are many amazing restaurants around, and plenty of Asian kitchens across Paris, but none of which had properly transported me back to the homeland, until I tried Panda Panda, a Hong Kong-Taiwanese restaurant recently opened in the 10th arrondissement, not far away from Gare du Nord and The Grande Mosque.

Honestly, the food was absolutely fantastic and so true to the Hong Kong style. I was especially impressed by the fried rice, perfectly dry but flavoursome.

Unlike many traiteurs Asiatiques in Paris, where you get 20 or even 30+ dishes displayed in the buffet window, from which you choose from and they reheat it for you, in a microwave, depressing, Panda Panda has a refined menu of fewer than 20 items, from starters to desserts. However, every dish is perfectly prepared and reflects the true taste of Hong Kong and Taiwan.


I could eat there every day, honestly.

Check out my review on Panda Panda that is now live on Urban Discoveries. And make sure if you're ever in Paris, go pay them a visit! It's so worth it!

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