Le Havre Photo Diary #1

Le Havre Photo Diary #1

The gilets jaunes have been protesting for as long as I’ve been in Paris and the longer it went on, the less desire I have to spend my weekends in Paris, since most shops and major metro stations are closed for security reasons. This weekend was no different. Thus, leading up to the weekend, I desperately tried to come up with plans for my two free days and found return coach tickets to Le Havre for just 20 euros.

Le Havre is a seaside town in Normandie, just over two hours drive from Paris. There isn’t much to do but seemed like the perfect place to relax and escape the hectic city life. I convinced a friend to come with and we split an Airbnb for 20 euros each. 40 in total for a last minute weekend getaway, not bad at all I’d reckon.

Once we got there, we went straight to the beach, Plage du Havre, which was a good half an hour walk away from our studio. We read, threw some pebbles and watched people kite surfed. But the wind was strong and we weren’t appropriately dressed, we set off after an hour or so and grabbed some dinner in one of the many restaurants next to the beach. The formule was cheap – 20 again which we shared. I had better mussels for sure but it’s always nice to think that the seafood was fresher when consumed near the seaside. We went home and made some veggie curry, which we enjoyed with a side of Call Me By Your Name, a beautiful movie about love and desire, which I find so applicable universally, not just in homosexual relationships. I can’t wait to read the book.

The next day we had a lazy morning before eventually heading out to the MuMa - Musée d'art moderne André Malraux - at 11. The museum was spacious, with an exhibition dedicated to Rohan Duffy(?)’s work. As we came out of the museum, it started pouring down, so we ran into a sushi restaurant for lunch while we waited for the weather to improve, which it did and we walked along the beach to the top of the hill to Jardin Suspendus, a lovely glasshouse and botanical garden that cost 2 euros to visit, where we spent most of our afternoon before we caught our evening bus back to Paris.

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