It’s All Good In The Hood

It’s All Good In The Hood

When I think of The Hood, dodgy places come to mind. However, The Hood we have here in Paris is nothing but great food and great atmosphere.

Located in the most diverse and colourful district of the 11th, The Hood is a coffee shop by day and apero bar/bistro by night and throughout the weekend and some nights during the week, The Hood is transformed into a music venue, promising good food and good vibes only.

Although having been opened two years ago, The Hood only recently transformed into the vision that the owners had all along, creating a community for both regular customers and newcomers.

Its motto is to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, connecting people and different cultures, which explains their Asian-Franco fusion style cuisine.

The feast was as real as my food baby after. We were spoilt with authentic and flavoursome Bahn Mi's. Mine was vegan as well - I don't think I have ever come across a vegan Bahn Mi in Vietnam but the ones they do here are amazing: full of flavours and super healthy, so I don't feel as guilty devouring a whole one to myself.

I was pleasantly surprised when they brought out the congees. I was literally craving one a week ago when I wasn't feeling my best. This is the ultimate comfort food we, Asians, have at home. When you're sick, congee is the cure and comfort. They even come with half a century egg! I haven't had one in years! The ginger, the flakes and the eggs, plus a smidge of their homemade sriracha sauce (I'm tempted to say it's better than the original, but that would be a huge claim!) This is definitely not a first-date friendly meal, as I couldn't possibly think of an elegant way of tackling this delicious beast. Having said that, if you can manage to finish a Bahn Mi, especially the one with two fried eggs in it) without scaring the other person away with the mess you make, that's a sign for a strong and stable relationship, am I right?

To round off our meal, we had tried some of their signature desserts, including their scone with apple jam and cream, the fluffiest pandan cake and their warm banana bread. Their chai latte was almost as good as the one I had in Fringe but they make it milkier here.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience in The Hood and I'd highly recommend you try their food out!


The Hood
 80 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris
Open Thursday to Saturday 8 am to 10 pm,
Sunday to Wednesday from 8 am to 6 pm
Close on Tuesday

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