Dreaming about this vegan feast

Dreaming about this vegan feast

Last Sunday, I finally got around to watching Cowspiracy. While it definitely gave me some insight into the world of livestock grazing and its environmental implications, I have yet to make any drastic changes to my diet, simply because I feel that I should read more into it before committing to such a dramatic lifestyle change, and also living with a family where both parents work in the food and farming industry, it is almost inevitable that our evening meals involve one kind of meat or another. Despite that, I try my best to stick to a plant-based diet when I'm alone, mostly out of enjoyment, but now that I'm aware of the environmental impact raising livestock entails, it prompts me to think twice before ordering that chicken katsu or that lobster roll. For now, I am still struggling to imagine a life without sushi. This brings me back to the last time I visited Le Potager de Charlotte, a vegan restaurant run by two passionate French brothers, one of whom is also the chef and the menu creator. If you're contemplating switching to veganism or simply wanting to try out a new restaurant with a refreshing concept, definitely give this one a go!

Read my full review of Le Potager de Charlotte here on Wander-lust.

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