Coffee, Food, Photography – Fringe

Coffee, Food, Photography – Fringe

Apologies for the lack of update. It's been an unpredictably hectic few weeks since getting back from Easter holidays. I have a few posts typed up but didn't want to upload any of them until they're perfect. However, I am back and ready to make up for lost time.

The first post will be short and sweet, just to get me back on track.

A few weeks ago, I met up with Patrick, the guy behind hundreds of successful Instagram accounts that you probably already follow, @paris, @TopParisResto, @TopParisPhoto, just to name a few. We met up at Fringe on his recommendation, an independent coffee shop in the 3rd arrondissement, not too far from the smallest cafe in Paris, Boot cafe.

Fringe is more than just a cafe. It is also a space for art lovers and holds regular photography exhibitions. The owner also published a number of photography books, which you can enjoy in house or purchase. I especially like the paper cloud-shaped lampshades, hanging delicately over the tables.

As we waited for our food, Patrick greeted everyone with a sense of familiarity. He is clearly a regular. Another regular customer came in with a bunch of flowers, ready to replace the day-old floral arrangements scattered beautifully around the cafe. This lovely lady volunteered to do it for Fringe a couple of times a week, purely out of love and adoration for the cafe. Loyal customers are signs of a successful business.

As per, I ordered a cinnamon bun and a chai latte, which is probably the best I've ever tasted. Patrick said they make their own chai there! The cinnamon bun was delightful as well, even better if it was served warm. As soon as he saw my order, he shook his head and told me I made the wrong choice. Confused and almost defensive, I reassured him it tasted almost as good as the one I had from Circus Bakery.


'No, cardamom bun is the shit.'

What is he talking about? What even is a cardamon bun? Skeptical, I cut a corner of the said bun and took the plunge. My loyalty will always lie with cinnamon buns but I have to admit, the cardamon bun was somewhat a game changer, and I don't think many if any more, places in Paris serves this wonderful Swedish pastry. (and why has my Swedish friend never told me about it?!)

So all in all, this is an appreciation post for my newly discovered obsession for cardamon bun from Fringe, as well as the unique and artistic concept of the cafe itself. If you fancy a less mainstream but nonetheless great service and great food place, definitely give Fringe a try!


106 rue de turenne 75003 paris

monday - friday 9h-17h30
saturday & sunday 10h-17h30


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