Paris Photo Diary #5

Paris Photo Diary #5

07/04/2019, Dimanche

All my original plans fell through today so instead of having a full day of activities, I woke up with no plans, nothing to do and nowhere to go. The weather forecast had been unreliably pessimistic and I couldn’t bear another day of nothingness in Paris. I got dressed and headed to Montparnasse train station and hopped on the 13:06 train to Rambouillet.

If I hadn’t been desperate, I would not have come across this little town just on the southwest outskirts of Paris. It took only 35 minutes to get there on the fast train (just over an hour on the slow one). There isn’t much to do besides the Château and the Church of Saint Lubin of Rambouillet (which had a service going on today but the purple stain glass windows were beautiful from the little that I saw). Having said that, the town was peaceful, a pleasant and quick escape from the city. The grounds in front of the Château was also the perfect place for a stroll.

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