20 beers on tap? Yes, please! Mikkeller Bar Paris

20 beers on tap? Yes, please! Mikkeller Bar Paris

I am not usually a beer drinking. For me, they are either too bitter or too sour. I never found the right one. However, Mikkeller Bar Paris just opened a month ago and they have 20 types of beer on tap. So surely there’d be something I like, I thought.

We arrived at the bar on a temperamental Saturday. It rained a bit in the morning but got sunnier in the afternoon. Trying to take advantage of the good weather, we picked a seat outside the bar, which was decorated beautifully with a royal blue storefront and a neon pink sign blazing out its name.

I can confirm that I have found a beer that I liked – the American Dream. But more than that, I also found my favourite beer snack, blueberry beer chips! Out of all the crisps I’ve ever had, BBQ, Wasabi, Thai Sweet Chili… this is definitely the most interesting combination – the sweetness of the blueberry and the saltiness of the crisps! Why wasn’t this invented earlier/ available anywhere else?!

Anyways, I’ve written a review on our experience at Mikkeller Bar Paris for Urban Discoveries. Go check it out and then go check the place out for yourself!  

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